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It is estimated that one billion people in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition. That's roughly 100 times as many as those who actually die from these causes each year. About 24,000 people die every day from hunger or hunger-related causes. This is down from 35,000 ten years ago, and 41,000 twenty years ago. Three-fourths of the deaths are children under the age of five. Famine and wars cause about 10% of hunger deaths, although these tend to be the ones you hear about most often. The majority of hunger deaths are caused by chronic malnutrition. Families facing extreme poverty are simply unable to get enough food to eat. In 1999, a year marked by good economic news, 31 million Americans were food insecure, meaning they were either hungry or unsure of where their next meal would come from. Of these Americans, 12 million were children. However every net citizen can stop the hunger by just clicking on the button below. This ensures that the sponsors will donate free food on your behalf. Your click helps feed the hungry with the value of 1.1 cups of staple food. Please remember to click every day to give help and hope to those with nowhere to turn. Every click counts in the life of a hungry person. It only takes a minute, yet a hungry person eats on your behalf. Please help spread the word. There is no cost to you. No forms or e-mail required. Click on the button below to Donate Free Food.

the hunger site


Global monitors estimate that we are losing 2 acres of rainforest every second. Since rainforests produce 50% of the oxygen we breathe, we are losing our source of life. Protecting our Eco-system is vital for a healthy tomorrow. But we can save the Rainforest, just as above, Sponsors pay to preserve the rainforest. There are usually 5 sponsors per click, so your click saves 11.4 sq. ft. of rainforest. Please help spread the word and support this worthy cause. There is no cost to you. No forms or e-mail required. Click on the button below to help save the rainforests.

save the rainforest


official liverpool site official liverpool site

Liverpool Football Club is one of the worlds leading football clubs. Liverpool FC is the most successful club in the history of English league football, playing in The Premier League. Founded in 1892, the club's success on the field is legendary, and so are the worldwide fans, and supporters clubs. Anfield, the club`s magnificent stadium has a capacity of 45,000 which makes Anfield the second largest Club ground in England. The pitch at Anfield is always considered to be one of the best playing surfaces in the country, if not the world. Liverpool has many reasons to be proud of its unrivaled position in British football, especially the eighteen League Championships, the seven FA Cups, seven League Cups, three UEFA Cups, three European Super Cups, one Super Cup, three Carlsberg Trophies and fourteen Charity Shields , but in particular the astonishing achievement of five European Cup wins stands out as something that is recognized the world over as great. Liverpool's Trophy Cabinet remains the most glittering in all of British football, and matches up to any club in the World. Visit the Official Club Website at : Liverpoolfc tvbullet


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